Discover the “English is Fun!” labs in Arcore, Biassono, Correzzana (MB) and Casatenovo (LC)! The labs are taught by Silvia who is a qualified “English is Fun!” teacher. “English is Fun!” is more than a simple language course: it is a journey of social and intellectual development for children and teenagers and it is fully in English.

The "English is Fun!" method

“English is Fun!” is the famous method created by Adriana Cantisani (Tata Adriana of SOS TATA) to strengthen the abilities of children and teenagers. The English language is introduced in a fun way using games, songs, dance, mime, and arts and crafts.  

The proposed activities are planned to develop:

  • physical abilities: fine and gross motor skills;
  • socio-emotional abilities: self-esteem, interpersonal skills, decision-making skills;
  • cognitive abilities: oral skills, listening skills, spatial and temporal ability, classification abilities, maths, general knowledge;
  • pre-literacy abilities and reading/writing;
  • creativity;
  • music and rhythm.

Given that the programme is based on learning experiences and not on fixed grammatical constructions, there is no starting point. Every child can start her/his journey at any time, without “being behind” compared to the others.

The lab participants take part in a unique learning experience. The teacher speaks only English and she is qualified and periodically updated by Adriana Cantisani.

The “English is Fun!” labs rely on the EIF Colour Fusion Method: the learning experience of the new language is envisioned as a journey through colours and their different shades: every primary colour corresponds to a stage that is not necessarily linked to the age of the child, but more related to her/his cognitive, social and interpersonal abilities. Children move from one stage to another through colour shades (the bridges) that link the stages so they can be better adapted to each child.

The most suitable teaching methods are associated with each stage of development:

For further information on the “English is Fun!” labs, contact Silvia.

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