English and Italian language courses

CS Languages offers custom-made English and Italian language courses. These effective and engaging courses are taught by the highly experienced and qualified teacher Silvia, and allow students to start practising their language skills from the beginning.

The language courses by CS Languages are aimed at individual students or small groups and can be also taken online in an easy and effective way. 

  • English and Italian courses for adults: these courses are open to adults of all levels and are customisable according to the learning goals of the participants. 
  • English and Italian courses for children and teenagers: these engaging and fun courses for children and teenagers are customisable according to the learners’ needs.
  • Business English and Italian: these courses are aimed at professionals who need to learn a new language or develop their language skills for work purposes. 
  • English and Italian classes for students: tutoring for school or university students who need to strengthen their language skills.
  • Language exam preparation: these courses are specifically designed to prepare students for language exams and certifications.

If you are planning to improve your language skills or you are looking for an opportunity to practise speaking, contact Silvia.