Unplugged coding workshops for children

Starting in the summer of 2024, within the ispeakstem project and in collaboration with STEM experts, CS Languages will bring unplugged coding workshops for children to preschools and summer camps in the Monza and Brianza area in a bilingual mode (English and Italian).

These workshops offer games and activities designed to develop an increasing set of skills, both over the entire course and within individual sessions. They are suitable for activities carried out during the school year and for summer camps with a weekly enrolment.

The participants will develop various skills: examining a complex problem and dividing it into sequential units; recognizing, using, and structuring sequences; experimenting with programming languages in an “unplugged” mode for the use of educational robots, without the aid of computers or screens.

The main objective of this proposal is to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills (using logic, planning strategies, solving problems, and analyzing), creativity, and teamwork while simultaneously enhancing linguistic abilities.

For further information on bringing this project to your schools and summer camps, please contact Silvia!

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